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Is Pharmacy a good career option ?

Indian pharma business is growing rapidly from the past few years.So if you are wondering is it a good career option or not then this article is definitely for you. We have listed some reasons why pharmacy is a good career option in India.

Having pursued a degree in pharmacy opens your options for jobs in government as well as private sector.Candidates can also start their own business after getting their pharmacist license.

In India, after completing a pharmacy course, graduates are playing an important role in preparing for public health emergencies. They are coordinating with doctors and finding the best ways to manage and treat patients exposed to viruses and bacteria.

You can work in F&D, R&D, clinical Resesrch, you can also enrol for Ph.D. with fellowship.There is a special women scientist scheme from MHRD for furthur studies for women who have dropped their study due to certain reason.

On the basis of B.pharm, you can easily get job in production, QA, QC , RA etc. You can also join marketing in MNCs, they are paying very well to deserving candidates.

Pharmacists can create solid career paths after pharmacy graduation, and their work is respected and comes with great challenges.

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